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What can you do?

Inform yourself:   e.ganalysis of administration’s (ab)use  of RCM

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June 7, 3:30 PM in Emerson Hall Room 215: Save UF will address the Board of Trustees in a public comment

June 8, 10:30 AM in Emerson Hall Room 215: Board of Trustees will pass their final decision.

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UF Crisis: real or Machen-made?

adapted from the Turlington Plaza rally call:

The Florida Legislature cut funding to all state universities this year and apportioned those cuts according to the amount that each university has in its reserves. Both the Legislature and the Board of Governors (BOG) have made it clear that universities are expected to spend from their “unrestricted net assets,” the university’s reserves, to cover this temporary budget shortfall.

Recent audits show that as of June 30, 2011, UF had at least $110 million in unrestricted net assets—enough to cover the shortfall several times over.  (see charts on pages 21, 25)

UF’s priorities are in doubt:  Other state universities are following the legislative directive to spend down their reserves. UF’s administration, however, has opted to dismantle successful departments (such as CISE), lay off valuable staff members (as in the plan for CLAS), abrogate their commitments to funded graduate students, bypass shared governance, undercut tenure and academic freedom, damage UF’s reputation, and undermine the University’s academic mission.(See also ideology and politics ).

The provost has made clear: more cuts are coming and no one is safe. It is time to stand together to  SAVE UF! SPEND THE RESERVES!

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