Money Talks: UF pays higher admin well above median salaries for their positions


A recent article in the Gainesville Sun noted that Provost Glover (who received a $50,000 raise in 2010, bringing his total salary up to $350,000) was among many colleagues in higher administration to bring in a shockingly high paycheck in 2010.

Matt Fajack, UF’s chief financial officer, received a $51,000 raise, raising his salary to $255,000.

Win Phillips, who was promoted from vice president for research to senior vice president and chief operating officer earned a $20,000, bringing his salary to $375,000 in fall of 2011.

Finally, David Guzick, senior vice president of health affairs, received $28,000 boost in 2010, raising his salary to $728,000.

According to the article*,

Fajack said administrative salaries at UF are a reflection of the university’s complexity and a need to be competitive in keeping talented people.

“We’re a $4.3 billion operation, and that’s a very complex operation,” he said. “It demands some of the best people, and you have to pay for it.”

We who are proponents of spending the reserves do not doubt that running the University of Florida is a complex operation.  Luckily, the article also took the time to outline how various higher administration employees’ salaries compare to the national averages of other complex universities.

Bernie Machen, UF President

2011: $432,808
Median doctoral: $392,150
Difference: $40,658

Joseph Glover, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs

2011: $350,000
Median doctoral: $281,162
Difference: $68,838

David Guzick, senior vice president for health affairs

2011: $728,000
Median doctoral: $541,419
Difference: $185,581

The University of Florida claims that it is in a financial crisis, which is why budget cuts have been proposed that would close two libraries and lay off staff and delay services like financial aid disbursement and building repairs.

President Machen has been very public about wanting to raise tuition to the national average.  It would seem to follow that if UF wants its students to pay the national average, higher administration should be expected to follow suit.

*Salaries are reported by UF, comparisons come from national averages of median salaries for administrative positions, with the closest comparable position.



One thought on “Money Talks: UF pays higher admin well above median salaries for their positions

  1. Chris Michael says:

    There is no multi-million dollar talent needed to do administrative work, no matter how big the operation is, unless a person is working 400 hours a week.
    Theme in the article is a standard and typical response response every time someone questions to sharks regarding outrageous salaries that are only possible in this country out of all the industrialized/developed countries in the world.

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