May 27 2012: Criticism of multiple salary increases among higher administration at UF in the past year

May 23 2012: noon ralley  Sun,   Wuft audio     TV 20 Video        Sun poll

May 12 2012: UF college budgets plan attrition, layoffs, but spare degree programs

May 10 2012: Machen open to tapping reserves to delay budget cuts

May 03 2012: Liberal arts cuts at UF will not mean faculty layoffs

Oct 2011  Administrators ate my Tuition

Op-ed Pieces

May 27 2012: UF faculty member discusses the fact that most Sun readers support spending the reserves

Letters to the Editor

May 22 2012: UF staff member points out that the budget shortfall is a one time cut

May 18 2012: Grad assistants point out that UF administration is taking a gamble that the Board of Governors is being dishonest about the one-time nature of these cuts, and that if UF keeps its reserves, Legislature could use them next year as evidence of UF’s good financial health, which would actually make the cuts recurring


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